27.07.2017 - We would be honored to work with the amazing Metropole Orchestra. Please give us your vote!

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03.07.2017 - Recordings at Audioworkx with the wonderful Staf Verbeeck: sounds like a plan to us!

22.06.2017 - Together with KMKJWF we played at the mainstage of TT Assen some really nice arrangements of 'While The Moon Shines Through My Beer' 'No.14' 'Silent One' and 'Mother'. All songs are recorded and for more info, keep following us on Facebook ;) 

12.06.2017 - Rehearsal at Oerol Festival together with Michiel Prins and André Manuel. 

05.06.2017 - Chez Oim Festival (FR) thanks for the warm welcome and hope to see you again next year!

16.05.2017 - We're invited to play with KMKJWF: a Dutch orchestra who also plays for our royal family. They arrange some songs from us and together we'll play at TT-Assen.

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18.04.2017 - Review Paaspop by 3voor12 and mentioned in the 'Top 20 best acts of 2017"

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14.03.2017 - Review Donnerwetter Day by Rockmazine

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16.01.2016 - Review OOR

Een live sensatie die je een keer gezien moet hebben. Muziek om geesten bij op te roepen, bij vlagen heel indrukwekkend.
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15.01.2017 - Review 3voor12

Wat een stem...bezoek een Donnerwetter-concert. Ga je geen spijt van krijgen.
— 3voor12

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14.01.2017 - Out now: Album #3!

10.01.2017 - Out now: videoclip 'Dance'!

08.01.2017 - Trailer ESNS.

23.12.2016 - Watch our documentary at www.documentairenet.nl

09.12.2016 - Culture Price 2016 for Donnerwetter.

23.11.2016 - 3v12 Review (NL)

‘’Donnerwetter zit nooit zonder energie en speelt gerust de hele nacht vol, terwijl het publiek ademloos buiten de tijd en ruimte wordt geplaatst om zich te vergapen aan het virtuoze en vooral uitgebreide arsenaal aan muziekvindingen.’’
— 3v12

08.11.2016 - Noorderslag 2017

Donnerwetter announces Noorderslag 2017 (NL)

De fijnproevers weten het al een jaar, maar vanaf zaterdag 14 januari 21:15u in de Marathonzaal (Noorderslag) mag heel Nederland in 2017 proeven van onze zorgvuldig opgebouwde liveshow. ‘In deze zaal bliezen eerder Afterpartees, Death Alley en traumahelikopter dwars door het systeemplafond, in 2017 zal Donnerwetter dit doen op hun geheel eigen wijze!’, aldus onze boeker Frank Kimenai (Lexicon Bookings). 

06.11.2016 - Donnerwetter Day 2017 Ticketsale starts on the 17th of November! 

Trippers, Donnerianen en andersoortige Paradijsvogels: Donderdag 17 november 20:00u Donnerwetter LIVE in Kroese te Arnhem + Start kaartverkoop Donnerwetter Day 2017. Alleen bij die instore Donnerwetter Day tickets voor slechts 7,50 euro te koop dus slechts één uur voor de early birds! We hebben ook bier en plezant nieuws over de line-up van ons bachanaal in Luxor Live op zaterdag 11 maart 2017.

08.10.2016 - Teaser #1 and #2 of our short documentary. More info coming t.b.a.!

02.10.2016 - Our ode to the most dangerous band on this planet: The Cramps. Enjoy: "Prrr-Atta-Boom"

28.08.2016 - 'Artist in Residence' at Kasteel Baexem from 12.09 till 16.09

15.08.2016 - 700 km and 3 gigs in 2 days: Huntenpop Festival / La Truite Magique (BEL) / Polderpop Festival.

25.05.2016 - #2 in Vinyl top 50.

20.05.2016 - #18 in the Dutch charts in the first week. 

14.05.2016 - Releaseparty Luxor, Arnhem.

26.04.2016 - New video and single "Trumpoline"

“Fuck demagogy!”, says singer/guitarist Rocco Ostermann from the band Donnerwetter rooted in the Arnhem/Nijmegen region of The Netherlands.

The band has made the music video ‘Trumpoline’ together with filmmaker Al Hajem and director Lotte Rosier to emphasize this quote. Today this video and the accompanying song will premiere.

“Donald Trump’s leap to the American presidency seems to me as the setting of a James Bond film which ending may be the worst you’ve ever seen”, says lyricist Ostermann.

The song’s final sentence is: “Tell me: do you want to jump the Trumpoline?” The members of the band Donnerwetter hope to hear an absolute “NO!” from the American voter to this question. “Journalists and artists can play an important role in unmasking demagogues and populists, and this is wat we contribute”, says Rocco. The fact that the actor in the video has a slight resemblance to a known blonde Dutch politician is a very pleasant coincidence.

‘Trumpoline’ is taken from the Donnerwetter album ‘Pavlov Beauty Saloon’ which will be released on the 13th of May through Butler Records / Bertus Distribution. On the 14th of May the first edition of Donnerwetter Day –festival will take place in Luxor Live, Arnhem (NL).

“Each show we play really feels like the devil is chasing us”, says Rocco Ostermann. And so the band has sent an invitation to Donald Trump for the festival.

20.04.2016 - The digital version of our newspaper at 'Never mind the hype'.

08.04.2016 - We will release our first newspaper about Donnerwetter Day, a lot of stories and funny shit.

11.03.2016 - Our albumcover for "Pavlov Beauty Saloon". Photo's by Louise te Poele & artwork by Vormforenzen.

25.02.2016 - Signing & Bubbles @ Butler Records!

12.02.2016 - Doornroosje, Nijmegen.

11.02.2016 - Donnerwetter album nr. 2: finished! Next station:'YES Mastering', Nashville 

18.01.2016 - These are the 5 artists for Donnerwetter Day. Stay tuned, there's more to come! 

Andre Manuel

Andre Manuel

Mensen zeggen dingen

Mensen zeggen dingen

Gerjon Gijsbers

Gerjon Gijsbers

Deep end Film

Deep end Film

Automatic Sam

Automatic Sam



MNHM (Mannheim)

MNHM (Mannheim)

Dr. Duval

Dr. Duval



09.01.2016 DWDD: 'Dance' - the one minute version

03.01.2016 - Happy New Year! Our first gig will be at The Shack, Oude Meer. Join us for some live entertainment and get a preview of our upcoming album:

02.12.2015 - Order your tickets now!


Popronde 2015:

Nijmegen | Zwolle | Eindhoven | Heerlen | 's Hertogenbosch | Haarlem | Weert | Den Haag | Utrecht | Venlo | Leeuwarden | Oss | Alkmaar | Sittard | Hilversum | Breda | Enschede | Amersfoort | Amsterdam |

14.11.2015 - This dude is helping us (instead of Wout) with our last gigs during the Popronde. Many thanks, Vedran!

29.09.2015 - Hooray! We play at the Festyland-festival the 10th of October. Great line-up for y'all!

18.09.2015 - [Donnerwetter Day 14.05.2016]

A new announcement from two members of our orchestra! 

17.09.2015 - Tonight is the start of Popronde Nederland. We're going down at NDRGRND, Nijmegen. Blue Crime and Alumna join us as well. Start: 22.00 (showtime Donnerwetter:1.00)





08.09.2015 - The aftermovie from the '24 hour world record tour' ------>

06.09.2015 - Here is he last gig at Giel Beelen. At 7.00 we played our last notes from the '24 hour world record tour'

03.09.2015 -The Nozem bandcamper is ready to go.  

28.08.2015 - Our last concert (the worldrecordtour) will be at Giel Beelen at 3FM

tune in at 08:15 for some real morning exercises !

24.08.2015 - NOZEM OIL  is driving us towards this bizarre eleven-city-tour. Join us at as many places as possible.

The fanbus is driven by ECP-EVENTS: the best for your worldrecords.

28.07.2015 - 113 acts at Valkhof and we are in the 'top 10 of 3v12'. We were called 'ideal festivalband'. 

21.07.2015 - Valkhof festival nijmegen and Pedro Pico Pop:cheerio!

Valkhof Festival Donnerwetter - © Matthijs Quaijtaal 09 (2).jpg

16.07.2015 - Follow us on TWITTER 


15.07.2015 - The first bus is loaded for our '24 hour world record tour' but you can still join us! Fill in your name and email here and hopefully you can ride with us. Don't forget your helmet:

05.07.2015 - Thank you 'Pedro Pico Pop' for having us instead of 'Flamingo Tours' (canceling their gig). 18 july, 18.15 it is! Thanks to all the people who helped us with the tagging on Facebook.

28.06.2015 - Raw Flowers, Meisi and Donnerwetter in the DRU. what could possibly go wrong? Hey, is that Hoekie on drums?

13.06.2015 - #oerol

#back to the island

#look up to the sky and see


11.06.2015 - OOR magazine selected us with 9 others as 'talent/most promising act' for 'Popronde 2015'. 

06.06.2015 - Working on the 2nd album. curious what titles and songs will work out? we are too!

23.05.2014 - Helmond is awaiting some good times

16.05.2015 - Hoogte-80 festival/Jannarock festival: you made our days. And yes: some people in the audience were recognized as members of: Texas Radio

06.05.2015 - Yesterday we played at the first edition of 'Vrijpop'. Good people, good stage, good beer. Next year the same ingredients, please?

01.05.2015 - Popronde 2015 (september, oktober, november) here we go!

27.04.2015 - We're heading towards Nijmegen to play at Oranjepop. Come and join us at the beautiful Hunnerpark.

26.04.2014 - There they are again on stage with us: 'Texas Radio'! Tonight it's all about celebrating our king, that's why 'Whiskey Dick' is also putting a dime in the sack by blasting their strings off. We have the kick-off at 22.30.

17.04.1014 - Tomorrow at 'Record store day 2015' we play some tunes from: our... record

08.04.2014 - Welcome to our new website!

05.04.2014 - We want to thank Paaspop for the warm evening! 

12.03.2014 - Tomorrow a triple experience with 'Texas Radio' and Hammondrock from 'The big bang theory.

07.02.2014 - Tonight at 'Sneeuwpop', Dinxperlo (hometown of Rocco)

31.01.2014 - 'The heat' is playing also at -Winston, Amsterdam. join us at 21.00.

08.01.2014 - Next week we're going to Eurosonic (Freesonic), Groningen. we play at 22.00 and 4.00 (!)